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  • How many hogs am i allowed to harvest?
    Our hunts are "No Limit" hunts
  • What is the size limit of the hogs allowed to be taken?
    There is no size limit, shoot whatever size your happy with.
  • Can a non hunting guest accompany?
    Yes, non-hunting guests are $300 for weekend
  • Does the outfitter provide night hunting equipment?
    we only provide motion sensor feeder lights that are attached to the feeders. We reccomend bringing personal Green/Red hand held lights along with you to help aid your hunt as well!
  • What do I need to bring?
    *Rain Gear (you never know) *Thermacells *Hunter Safety Systems *Handheld Green Lights (not necessary but can help increase odds) *Bow hooks or acessory hooks if needed *Seat Cushion *Coolers for potential meat and for personal drinks and personal food we have limited refridgerator space. *Waterproof boots/snake boots(during summer months)
  • Does the outfitter clean the game?
    Our guides will quarter up your hogs free of charge and is included in the price, we just ask that if you're happy with your service to take care of the guides after the hunt. We dont process hogs but there is a processor near by that you can coordinate with. (Most hunters bring back quartered meat to their hometown processor)
  • How many meals does the outfitter provide?
    3 Continental-style breakfast every morning * Full Lunch * Full Dinner
  • Is this hunt guaranteed?
    No,this a 100% Fair Chase hunt Nothing is guaranteed although we have a high oppurtunity rate We cannot control weather or animal movement
  • Does this outfitter do group discounts?
    Yes, groups of 6 or more up to 12 get a 10% off discount per hunter
  • Does the outfitter provide transportation from the airport?
    Yes, but arrangements for pick up/drop-off must be made prior to arrival, this will be an additional charge of $350. Savannah International Airport- Savannah, Ga- 1 hr 30mins from lodge Augusta Regional Airport- Augusta, Ga- 50 mins from lodge
  • When time of year does this outfitter operate?
    We run our guided hunts from January thru the end of May
  • Can coyotes be shot while hog hunting?
    Yes, and we encourage all our hunters if they get a oppurtunity to take it, no extra charge for coyotes.
  • Is the deposit refundable?
    *NO DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!* $250.00 deposit is required to reserve a spot and is used to put things in place for you prior to your arrival (Trespass fees, Food, etc.). If an emergency arises or something comes up and you cannot make your scheduled hunt, we will work with you by honoring that deposit for up to Two Years. So though you would not get refunded it would be good for another time when your schedule allows.
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