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South Carolina Lodge

Welcome to Crooked Cut Outfitters, where the call of the wild meets the warmth of home. Our hunting lodge is a haven for hunters and nature enthusiasts, offering an authentic Southern experience that will leave you yearning to return.


Rustic Lodgings:  Amidst the breathtaking beauty at Crooked Cuts, our cozy cabins await to welcome you and your companions. With room to accommodate up to 12 people, there's plenty of space for camaraderie and cherished memories. Each cabin exudes a rustic charm, providing a peaceful sanctuary to rest and recharge.


Hearty Homestyle Meals: Prepare to feast on the hearty goodness of our Southern homestyle meals. Served with love and a touch of Southern flair, our culinary offerings will remind you of meals shared around the family table. From savory game dishes to delectable comfort foods, every bite will leave you craving more.


Corn Hole Boards and Fire Pits:  When you're not out hunting or exploring the great outdoors, engage in some friendly competition with a game of cornhole. Laughter and camaraderie abound as you aim for victory in this classic Southern pastime. As the sun sets, gather around the crackling fire pit to share stories and forge memories that will last a lifetime.


A Hunter's Dream: Our lodge boasts a 100-yard range that will test your skills. Sharpen your marksmanship and hone your aim as you prepare for your next thrilling hunt. Our experienced guides are on hand to assist you and ensure a safe and successful outing.


At Crooked Cut Outfitters, we take pride in providing an authentic homestyle experience that celebrates the rich heritage of the South. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature, where the wild embraces the warmth of home.

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