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Oklahoma Hog Hunting


                                      Oklahoma Hog Hunts:

                                Unforgettable 3-Day Adventure


 Embark on an exhilarating Oklahoma hog hunting experience with our exceptional 3-day hunt package. Priced at $1800, this all-inclusive package offers an array of benefits to ensure a remarkable and successful hunting excursion. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure as you explore the picturesque Oklahoma wilderness.

Key Features:

  • Lodging: Enjoy comfortable accommodation throughout your hunting trip, providing a cozy and relaxing atmosphere after an action-packed day.

  • Thermal Rifle and Ammo: We provide state-of-the-art thermal rifles and ammunition, allowing you to hunt with precision and accuracy.

  • Fully Guided Hunt: Our experienced guides will accompany you every step of the way, offering their expertise and knowledge to maximize your chances of a successful hunt.

  • Client-to-Guide Ratio: With a maximum of 2 clients per guide, we ensure personalized attention and a more immersive hunting experience.

  • Group Size: Our weekend hunts accommodate a minimum of 2 clients and a maximum of 4 clients, allowing you to enjoy the adventure with friends or family.


Hunting Inclusions:

  • Hog Limit: Each hunter is entitled to a 2 hog limit. This includes 1 meat hog weighing up to 149 lbs and 1 trophy hog ranging from 150 lbs to 300 lbs.

  • Trophy Fee: For hogs exceeding 300 lbs, there is an additional $300 trophy fee, enabling you to take home an impressive trophy for your collection.

  • Additional Meat Hog: If you desire an extra meat hog weighing 150 lbs or less, you can obtain it for a fee of $150.


Embark on an Oklahoma hog hunting journey like no other, where thrilling hunts and unforgettable memories await. Book our comprehensive 3-day hunt package today and experience the thrill of the chase amidst the stunning Oklahoma landscapes.

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